Who Are We?

Though various biotech technologies had been in use since long, still we lack a good policy here in Nepal. The uses of biotechnological tools have broader scope in country like Nepal where most of its resources are yet to be explored. Biotechnology still needs good promotion here and with the aim to do so, we formed a group of biotechnology professionals and youth, and named it, “Team Up and Talk About Biotechnology” in January 2012. Through this forum, we are trying to bring all the organizations, institutions and other biotechnology and life science related agencies, present in Nepal under one umbrella.

Our Faces

Scientific Advisor: Ganesh Shah (Former Minister, Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology)

Biotech Co-Advisor: Sameer Mani Dixit, PhD (Country Director, Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal)

Program Co-ordinator: Prajwal Rajbhandari (Country Director, Research Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology)

Online Co-ordinator: Aagat Awasthi (Currently, M.Sc. Biotechnology)

Event Rapporteur: Manisha Bista (Project Coordinator, Nepal Tiger Genome Project/Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal)

Public Relations/ Networking: Ramesh Parajuli (Associate Genetic Data Analyst, Deerwalk Inc.)